Wholegarment KNITWEAR

WHOLEGARMENT is the brand registered by the Japanese company SHIMA SEIKI to identify the first worldwide example of seamless knitwear, produced indeed by WHOLEGARMENT SHIMA SEIKI machines.

Going beyond the traditional manufacturing of knitted garments, normally composed of different parts (the front, the back and the sleeves) then sewn together, the WHOLEGARMENT garments are 3D knitted in a single piece directly on the machine, without seams, avoiding the time-consuming post-production work.

Virtual 3D rendering is obviously a fundamental step and allows to reproduce a 100% realistic simulation of the garment. These rendered can therefore also be used as virtual samples to replace the real ones, a useful possibility in the model evaluation phase.

The possibilities of application of the WHOLEGARMENT technology are wide and are more and more increasing. With this process any garment, from a simple pullover to extremely technical products, can achieve excellent levels of fit and comfort.

For this reason, this technology is also attracting great interest beyond the world of fashion, entering specific sectors such as interior design, sports, medical, automotive and aerospace.